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Plexus Healthcare

Developed in Ireland by Michael O'Doherty and Tom Griffin the Plexus HealthCare System represents the integration of a network of powerful and effective healing techniques that work by rebalancing the life energy within.

Plexus Bio-Energy has achieved exceptional results in the treatment of a wide range of conditions often in cases that have proved difficult to treat by conventional means alone.

Many were Cured ...


Latest News

Article - Spirit & Destiny Magazine
August 2012 Edition 
Article in the current edition of Spirit & Destiny Magazine 

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Interview with Dr Diarmuid Tiernan MD, Plexus Bio-Energy Therapist 
July 2012 
Dr Diarmuid Tiernan MD, speaks on KL.FM Radio in the UK about his work in bio-energy and healing 

Listen to the Interview

Michael O'Doherty - Interview on Cork 96fm Radio  
June 2012 
Michael speaks to Neil Prendeville about the MMR-Autism debate and the pilot programme which he is currently overseeing 

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Letter to Full House! Magazine UK 
June 2012 
Full House! one of the UK's leading true life magazines features a letter from Lisa from Middlesex who describes how she is now pain and fibromyalgia-free following her 4-day treatment with Michael at his London clinic.

More details. 

"De-stress for Success" - Michael writes for RSVP 
June 2012 
Read Michael's advice to students facing exams this summer

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The Simon Jordan Radio Show, UK
Listen to Michael's inspiration interview on The Simon Jordan Radio Show (March 2012) Interview on Simon Jordan Radio Show

22 Years Later ... 
In 1990 Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin appeared on The Late Late Show demonstrating and discussing the effectiveness of a therapy called Plexus Bio-Energy that had never been seen in Ireland before. The personal stories of patients who had returned to health as a result of the treatment were also broadcast on the show and formed part of the audience. The reaction to Michael and Tom’s treatment was one of the biggest resulting in thousands of people seeking the treatment from all over the world.

22 years on, the Plexus Healthcare system, which works primarily on the energy system of the body and engages people in the process of life-style changes, has achieved exceptional results with a wide variety of conditions which has been well documented in both the national and international press.
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Therapist Training Weekend, Ennis, Co. Clare 

A family Healthcare Level 1 Therapist Training Weekend Programme will take place in Woodstock Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare on the weekend of 23th/24th February 2013. Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 10am-6pm. Cost €350

This weekend will equip you with the understanding & the techniques you will need to work with your family & friends.  It will also provide you with basic knowledge on nutrition & personal development techniques to help you develop your sensitivity to the energies which will prepare you for the next level.  This will become your family medicine.

Brendan Grace speaks about Michael O'Doherty
The Late Late Show , November 2011

Brendan Grace speaks on the Late Late Show about how Michael O’Doherty and bio-energy has helped him ‘feel wonderful’…

So good, he proposed twice!
Article in The Irish Independent, October 2011
"Nobody could ever accuse energy healers Michael and Tina O’Doherty of rushing into things, because despite living and working together for many years, it took them 14 years to get around to getting married. The proposal took place in the trebly romantic setting of New York, on Valentine’s Day, in the rain, although it has to be said that Michael’s wording wasn’t exactly swoon-inducing."
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Clare’s O’Doherty Exports Acclaimed Energy Treatment
Article in The Irish Emigrant, October 2011
“When you are positive, great things happen, and Michael O’Doherty is one of the most positive and hard-working people I’ve met.” So says Irish-American dance great Michael Flatley, who in 2009 was cured of a mystery illness which had plagued him for three years after visiting Clareman Michael O’Doherty, co-founder of The Plexus Healthcare System and the “Just Imagine” initiative, described as “a network of powerful and effective healing techniques that work by rebalancing the life energy within.”
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New London Clinic
Michael O'Doherty is opening a clinic on a regular basis in 28 Weymouth Street, London, W1G 7BZ.  If you would like to book an appointment, please contact our head office and speak to Sharon on 00353 (0)656841844. More details.

Michael Flatley discusses being healed by Michael O'Doherty - ITN
Interview on ITN
“I saw every specialist that there was to see but we couldn't come up with an answer ... then I brought in an energy healer from County Clare in Ireland, a terrific young man trained in Eastern Medicine. He is not a magician, just a great man, Michael O'Doherty. He worked on my energy and in two hours I was better. By the morning I was a new man ”
Watch the Interview

Michael Flatley - Healed by Michael O'Doherty
Interview with HELLO Magazine
“I can’t explain how the specialist [Michael O'Doherty] achieved what he did, other than to say he found a way to unblock my energy, to release it again positively within my body. I threw all the drugs I’d been given into the bin.”
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