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Eva Ruh

Co. Clare

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There is a lot that can be said about Cancer. What are its origins? How does it mutate? Is it partly biological, psychological, emotional, environmental, hereditary, or perhaps a combination of all these factors that contribute to the formation of weak cells in the body? I believe it can be any, if not all of the above factors that help bring about cancer in the body. And so, in my opinion it is fair to label cancer a multi-factorial disease. So in order to tackle and cure cancer all avenues of healing need to be explored and adopted so that health and balance may once again be restored in the body. So that, in a nutshell, is what I've learned five years after being diagnosed with malignant brain cancer and having undergone 12 months of chemotherapy. However, it was not until I started working with Eva Ruh that my real journey in healing began.
During the last few months of my chemotherapy regiment I began working closely with Eva. I received energy work at her home at least four to five times a week during this period which had a very positive effect on both by immune system and psyche. Moreover, the time spent together did not go wasted. We spent countless hours talking about nutrition and the role and effect of cancer fighting foods on targeting cancer cells, which to my astonishment was not mentioned by any of my medical doctors. We shared numerous books on the advantages of energy work and meditative visualization along with, the advantages of utilizing yoga postures for increasing blood flow throughout the body. We talked about the profound effect of continued stress on the body especially as it applies to cancer and, suitable methods to help relieve this prolonged degenerative state. We examined and assessed how negative internal emotions damage and impair both body and spirit and the importance of making peace with the past, the world around us, and more importantly, with oneself. To sum it up, you could say we looked at everything that helps create a healthy and unhealthy body and the difference of opinion on both. Then we laughed at how ridiculous it all was! This thing we label "health".
There is no question I would not be where I am today if it were not for this loving, open-minded, compassionate, and understanding lady. These days however, I don't talk as much when working with Eva but rather, I try to quiet my mind and let her and nature do the healing. Her in-depth knowledge regarding nutrition, supplements and well-being for people of all ages is vast and heartening. It does not take long to realize when working with Eva that you are in the presence of a special lady.
As for me, well, thankfully I feel good. I have adopted a fairly healthy lifestyle over the last few years. I eat good nutritious organic foods for the most part. I watch my sugar and dairy intake and exercise as often as possible. I leave work at work and try to keep my stress levels low. In addition, I work on remaining present as often as possible (all work in progress). I guess from all this I've learned that there are no guarantees in life no matter who you are. What a humbling lesson, then, cancer is. But as Thoreau once said, "Humility like the darkness reveals the heavenly lights".Keith Connellan

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