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Aisling Connolly

Unit 2C, Orantown Centre
Co. Galway

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Phone: 091 485962

Mobile: 087 2106717

Having completed a science degree at the University of Limerick, I wanted to continue my studies. The whole area of complimentary therapies had always been of particular interest to me. Ever since a very young age, I always had an innate belief in my body’s ability to heal itself and also in my ability to help others. This is why, when I was introduced to Plexus Bio – Energy, I knew immediately it was the direction I wanted to take.

I trained as a Bio – Energy therapist under Michael O Doherty and Tom Griffin, the co – founders of the Plexus System and have been a fully qualified therapist since January 2004. I have vast experience working with Michael O Doherty at his clinics in Ennis and I am one of Michael's Senior recommended therapists. To compliment this therapy I also studied and obtained distinction in Holistic massage and Pregnancy massage. In conjunction with Bio – Energy, I feel massage plays a huge role in restoring and maintaining health and well-being. Through bio-energy and massage I hope to educate people about how to achieve good health. We all need to work at getting the balance right. A healthy diet, active lifestyle and taking the time to relax, all play a vital role in keeping the body free from dis-ease. In these times we live in, stress is such a huge problem, effects so many of us and is the main contributing factor in so many illnesses. I can help you deal with and manage your stress effectively.


It was February 2010 – I was at an all time low - physically, mentally and emotionally. I was experiencing serious tiredness which had built up over years and I had gradually withdrawn from walking (I had walked up to 20 miles a week) and swimming. As a result I had put on weight. This together with a very busy life of working by day, rearing two teenagers and all the other doom and gloom and negativity had left me very tired, depressed, lethargic and disconnected. I had all medical tests done to see if I had ME, thyroid problems, glandular fever etc ….. All tests came back negative. Yet, I could not explain this tiredness. It caused me great grief, I had a lot of flues, chest infections and flu like symptoms. I felt so Burnt Out. I dragged myself along to Aisling Connolly in Clarinbridge and said ‘Here goes – it has to be better than doing nothing at all!’ I did’nt know what to expect. The treatment was carried out over 4 consecutive days. It was in a very calm, relaxed atmosphere and Aisling was very relaxed, sensitive and confident in her work. After day 1, I felt lighter, slept very well and felt like I had come out of a dark tunnel. I felt enthusiastic and better still had no back pain and my PMT, which I’d lived with for 20 years had completely gone. I went for my first walk in months on day 2. I’m also enjoying a healthy diet with more enthusiasm and feel more connected and focused. I am smiling more!! I intend to go back for another session soon as I have been down and tired for too long. I am eternally grateful to Aisling Connolly, Clarinbridge and also to Michael O Doherty whose book ‘Just Imagine’ I highly recommend. My energy was blocked and I knew it. I could FEEL IT. Now, it is most definitely flowing again like a beautiful river. My spirit is happy and uplifted. Thank God I found Plexus Bio-Energy and Aisling Connolly. Mary, Oranmore, 2010
“My son Cathal (at 12 months) suffered from continuous chest infections and wheezing caused by viral respiratory infections. I contacted Aisling, after she was recommended to me by a family friend. I told her how I was concerned about the amount of antibiotics he was receiving and was open to any alternative. After receiving 2/3 sessions, my son, who is now 17 months old is in full health and did not regress back. The whole experience has been hugely rewarding for us ” Nicola Keaveny, Corofin, Co Galway

“Early in my pregnancy, I began to experience the dreaded back pain, tightness and ‘knots’ that had plagued me for a couple of years. Aisling came highly recommended to me by a friend who herself had attended the clinic for a pregnancy massage. Aisling, as I discovered on my visit, is also a Plexus Bio - Energy therapist. On inquiring, she advised that bio energy would provide great relief for myself and be extremely helpful for my baby. I was quick to book a treatment comprising of four consecutive daily sessions. The treatment itself was a curious experience and I felt many sensations including tingling and heat. The effect however was obvious with improvement that continued for weeks after the sessions had finished. Unfortunately as my pregnancy progressed my symptoms recurred, but I had no hesitation in booking another session with Aisling. Even after the first day the improvement was considerable and I got through the remainder of my pregnancy symptom free. I can honestly say that Aisling was responsible for getting me through my pregnancy pain free and stress free! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending for both pregnancy massage and bio energy healing.” Marian James, Galway, 2010.

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.
~ Buddha

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Unit 4 & 5 Walnut House, Turnpike, Ennis , County Clare, Ireland
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