Rachels Testimonial - Bursitis


Michael gave me my life back. It is probably 5 years since I first visited Michael and I was scarcely able to walk. I had Bursitis in both hips and had been to all the specialists in that field I could find.

All these Doctors wanted to give me Cortisone injections into my hips but I felt there had to be another way and that the injections were only going to mask the problem. I went to visit Michael and his team and the results were amazing.

 Prior to my Bursitis I was someone who was into alternative medicine but with this chronic pain I knew every painkiller on the market and was up to date on the content of all of them.

I travel a lot and the long haul flights can be difficult but not any more thanks to Michael and Tina, Pat and all the team in Plexus Bio Energy.

 I will never forget what these amazing people have done for me I am so thankful. I recently brought my friend who had Cancer on her face and I had two treatments and feel my energy levels back my friend also felt so much better. Keep up the fantastic work Michael, Tina and all the therapist you’re amazing. 


I resonate with all that is good and powerful and I allow all the positivity and success to come to me.

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